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 Eureka Nevada: Where to Stay

Now a town of only 1,500 people, Eureka boasted a population of 9,000 after the lead and silver discoveries of the 1860s. At one time, around 1880, the city had several dozen gambling houses, more than a hundred saloons, an opera house, several "modern" hotels, and sixteen nearby smelters. The town was built so quickly that buildings were moved from several other communities including Elko, Carlin, and Treasure City.

One of the best-preserved of the old mining towns of Nevada, Eureka is quite an historic treasure. The county court house and post office date from the late 1800s, as do many of the other buildings along Main Street (Highway 50). Fire destroyed many of the original wooden buildings and the second stage of construction used brick and volcanic tuff.

Several buildings with volcanic rock walls still exist. The last of three large fires occurred along Main Street in 1884 and most of the current buildings date from construction after that fire. New mines have opened in recent years, and Eureka is again a mining town.

What to See & Do

The first place one should visit after arriving here is the Historical Museum on Monroe Street, one short block from Main Street. The building used to house the Eureka Sentinel newspaper, and the museum contains several old printing presses, left in position. The museum also serves as the local visitor information center.

The Eureka County Historical Society has a self-guiding tour map of the town available at the museum, and this provides an excellent guide for walking the town and visiting the historic Victorian buildings. One prominent building on Main Street is the Eureka Theatre. Originally the Opera House, its name was changed when silent movies came to town in 1913. It has been in a state of disrepair for many years and is now under restoration. St. James Episcopal Church -- on Spring Street -- was the first church building in town, built in 1872.

Eureka was settled by many Cornish miners and the church was built to accommodate the Cornish people and other English immigrants. Built of stone, it survived the fires of the 1880s. Five cemeteries are located on the west side of town in an area known alternatively as Graveyard Flat and Death Valley.

There's an RV park in town (Cottage RV Park) in addition to a bed and breakfast inn (the Parsonage House) and several rudimentary motels. There's a scenic picnic spot at Pinto Summit, a few miles east of town on "The Loneliest Road in America" (Highway 50).

Backroad Trips from Eureka

Eureka is mid-way between the Toiyabe and Humboldt mountain ranges and public campgrounds are at a premium in the area close to town. BLM lands in the area have recreation sites with primitive campsites.

The best backroad adventure in the area is a desert drive beginning by taking Road 892 north from Hwy. 50 -- 15 miles east of Eureka. The paved road becomes a dirt surface after 30 miles and this backroad leads through a long valley to the east of the Diamond Mountains. While this road continues north toward Elko, turn left toward Railroad Pass (el. 5,896 ft.) and after crossing the summit, the road curves south through another valley with the Diamond range now to the east, returning to Eureka. There are several BLM sites along the loop and the scenery includes fine views of both sides of Diamond Peak (el. 10,614 ft.).

Eureka Hotels

Alpine Lodge
P.O. Box 69, Eureka NV 89316
(702) 237-5365
There are few places to stay in this historic mining town and this is one of them, a motel located at Clark and Main streets. Rooms are basic.

Parsonage House Bed and Breakfast
P.O. Box 99, Eureka NV 89316
(702) 237-5765
This historic bed and breakfast home is located at Spring and Bateman (Highway 50). It is definitely the place to stay if you're not inclined toward standard motel rooms and it makes a fine stopping place on "he Loneliest Road. It's also a good place to get breakfast in a town where the cafes are basic.


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